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Carl Jung said it beautifully...'until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.' (paraphrased)

Let's define healthy masculinity.

Masculinity as a term is largely in limbo these days. Much of the current cultural lens of masculinity is fraught with shame.

When shame is present, fear is not far behind and fear in this context often presents us with limited choices; usually either apathy or aggression. 

How do we instead grow the masculine in cooperation with our own growing and expanding feminine? How does masculinity respond rather than retract as well as expand and rise in response to our current patriarchal lens of what it means to be a man.

Let's learn to sit as men, both in our vulnerability and power. Let's learn to sit as men, not identifying with our shame but holding it with loving attention.

When we come together as men, consciously and with reverence for the deeper, darker places of our selves, we will expand what it means to be a man, to be masculine.

If you identify as a man, are over the age of 21 and are interested in exploring what healthy masculinity looks like or know of someone in your life that could use some encouragement in this area, please be in touch.

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