About Peter

I offer a compassionate lens with an emotion focused approach when working within individual, group or community settings. 


My passion is drawn from the evolving natural world, Buddhist psychology and various movement forms to offer empathetic, meaning driven counselling. I will work with you at your level and pace. I specialize in parts work, relationship to emotions and addictions work. 

I have formal training in Existential Integrative Therapy and have completed a two year facilitation and mentorship program through the Men’s Mentorship Program with Robert Masters, PhD, based in Ashland OR. I have also studied attachment, relationship and pre/perinatal topics through work with Myrna Martin in Nelson, BC.

Following my training in Toronto I began work as an addictions counselor and farm program coordinator with men in recovery from addiction and mental health on 100 acres of Carolinian woodland and garden just north of the city. Having recently moved back to my home (British Columbia) I now reside in Northern BC and continue a private practice while working alongside local indigenous communities on food sovereignty projects

I was initially drawn to the work as a counselor while tracing my own journey inwards. I began my own therapeutic journey for issues around anxiety and depression that emerged in my early thirties. Here I discovered the importance and necessity of exploring one's inner landscape as a catalyst to unlocking creativity, passion and freedom. During this process I felt moved to share this process with others which eventually led me to my studies in Toronto, ON.

I am also an avid mover and dancer and enjoy contact improvisation and authentic movement with interests in Butoh dance and functional movement. In class and workshop offerings I work to draw a bridge between somatic intelligence and emotional perception.

I finds delight in the small things. I celebrate gravity through movement, enjoy photography and writing and have an affinity and love for small, wild birds.