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About Peter


I offer a compassionate lens with an emotion focused approach when working with individuals, couples, and groups.

My experience and passion is drawn from holistic psychology, traditional therapies, and nature based practices to offer empathetic, authentic, meaning driven counselling. I will work with you at your pacing. I specialize in integrative counselling, emotional intelligence, and work around authenticity. 


My formal training is in holistic counselling, additionally completing a two year mentorship with Robert Masters, PhD in intuitive integral counselling with a special focus on shadow work. My other areas of study include attachment, mindfulness, relationship, and somatic work through a Hakomi lens.

My journey to becoming a counsellor began in my early thirties. I first encountered therapy as a client for many years working through personal issues around family, individuation, spirituality, anxiety and depression. 

Here I discovered the importance and necessity of exploring one's inner world as a catalyst to unlocking creativity, passion and freedom within ones life. During this transformative process I felt moved to share the work with others which eventually led me to my studies in Toronto, ON.

In 2018 after my training and practicum I began work as an addictions counsellor and farm program coordinator with men in recovery from addiction and mental health, north of Toronto. 


I now reside in Okanagan Falls, BC with my family and continue a local and online private practice. Additionally I offer men's groups, contemplative movement groups, and also work alongside Indigenous communities on food sovereignty projects

My other passions include hiking, contemplative movement practices, swimming in fresh water, and gardening. 

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. 

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