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Resources and Community



Community of trusted professionals:

 Robert Masters, PhD. Integral Psychotherapist

Eleanor Edgar, Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist (BC)

Amy Tessler, Psychotherapy (Ontario)

Avi Zer-Aviv, Springseed Psychotherapy (Ontario)

Alexandra Goodall, Expressive Arts Therapist (BC)

Rebekah Humphrey, Soul Centred Counselling (BC)

Benchmark Counselling (BC)

Maiya Robbie, Expressive Arts Therapist (BC)

Bonnie Davis, Family Continuum (BC)

Gizella Samu, Center Point Counselling (BC)

Low cost mental health and addictions resources:

Desert Sun Counselling and Resource Center, Oliver BC

One Sky Community Resources, Penticton BC

Smart Recovery: Addictions Group Support Online and In Person

Refuge Recovery: Mindfulness Based Recovery Groups

CMHA: Resources in Toronto


Center for Courage and Renewal

David Whyte- Poet

On Being Podcast


Meditation and Mindfulness


Esther Perel

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